6 Things You Should Ignore When Buying a Home in New Jersey

Endless articles have been written about what you should notice when buying a home in New Jersey, and just as many have been written about things that should be red flags. But what about things you can or should ignore? There are such things – some aren’t as big as they seem and others are just matters of taste. (And remember, too, that sellers aren’t required to get their home in good shape.) Let’s take a look, then, at 6 things you should ignore when buying a home in New Jersey.

1. Problems with Walls and Floors

Although holes in and weird colors on the walls, as well as worn carpet and/or ugly flooring, are highly noticeable, they aren’t, ultimately, that big a deal. So when buying a home in New Jersey, you should ignore non-structural problems with walls and floors.

Of course, it would be nice to buy a move-in-ready house, but that seldom happens. Walls are easy to put right, and repainting doesn’t cost all that much. And although replacing carpet is more costly, it’s something you’d do eventually anyway.

2. Rooms Put to Odd Uses

When viewing homes, you will see some strange things. These things might include a dining room converted into a full-blown office or a study used as a bedroom. It may be difficult to do, but this is the kind of thing you should ignore when buying a home in New Jersey.

Just because the seller uses spaces in the home in a bizarre way, that doesn’t mean you have to. Try to look beyond what the seller has done and envision the space used the way you’d like it and with your possessions filling the room. Once the seller has moved out, you can make the dining room back into a place for elegant dining on special occasions with family and friends.

3. Presence of Seller Personality

Similarly, the seller may have imprinted her personality all over the home. Everywhere, you may see family photos. Idiosyncratic artwork, and weird knick-knacks. But this, too, you should ignore when buying a home in New Jersey.

Yes, sellers should depersonalize their homes before listing, but they don’t always do that. So just keep in mind that the seller is going to move and take all that stuff with her. Then, you can turn that house into your home – with your own photos and decorative choices.

4. Smells and Odors

Smells and odors may be offensive and may even kick up your allergies, but that is easily put right with a thorough deep cleaning (which you’ll probably do in any case). As long as the odors don’t indicate a mold or mildew problem, then there’s really nothing to worry about. Don’t let a bad smell drive you away from a good deal.

5. Disappointing Kitchen Appliances

Yes, the kitchen is typically the heart of a home, and you want yours to be just right. It can be a disappointment, then, if the kitchen appliances don’t meet your standards or are those once-popular golds and greens.

But you can always replace them and you probably will eventually anyway. Know that you can ignore disappointing kitchen appliances when buying a home in New Jersey, especially if it’s otherwise your dream home.

6. Poor Curb Appeal

Sellers are always advised to enhance curb appeal before listing, but that happens less often than you’d think. A poorly kept yard, peeling paint, and an ugly front door really aren’t a true indication of what you’ll find inside the house. As long as you remain wary, you can also usually ignore poor curb appeal when buying a home inNew Jersey.

Your Agent Knows

But do be aware that there are some things you shouldn’t and can ignore when buying a home in New Jersey. Some things – like a sagging roof or cracked foundation – may indicate bigger structural problems. Your real estate agent, though, can advise you on what you can safely ignore and what you can’t. Let our agents help you make the right call. Contact us today at 855-966-DEAL!

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