5 Reasons You Need An Agent When Buying Multi-Family Property in New Jersey

A common business progression for real estate investors is to begin with single-family properties and then, as they gain experience and get some cash flow going, incorporate multi-family properties into their portfolio. Multi-family properties can indeed be lucrative and provide a good monthly return on investment. There are, however, some pitfalls and not a few … Continued

5 Reasons You Need An Agent When Buying Land in New Jersey

Buying vacant land can be exciting: that land is a blank palette just waiting for you to develop it however you want, offering seemingly endless possibilities and potentialities. But finding the perfect parcel of land for your specific needs can often be quite a challenge, not to mention the other difficulties that make buying land … Continued

5 Selling Secrets From New Jersey‘s Top Real Estate Agents

In real estate, as in any other industry or professional arena, you have the mediocre masses and the few star performers, the cream of the crop. And usually the best people aren’t the best because they were born with special abilities or talents. No, they are successful because they work harder, strive to be the … Continued