What Home Buyers in New Jersey Need to Know About Earnest Money

In today’s competitive seller’s market, making your offer stand out is paramount. One way to do that is by putting up earnest money. Also known as a good faith deposit, earnest money is a sum the seller puts down to demonstrate her seriousness as a buyer. Although the concept is fairly simple, it can get … Continued

Don’t Fall for These Tricks When Buying a Home in New Jersey

Many sellers and agents are honest and forthright, but, unfortunately, some are not. Of course, they want to and should cast their home in the best light possible to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers. The problem, though, is that some sellers take it too far and cross the line into deception … Continued

3 Things to Look for When Buying Land in New Jersey

So you want to buy some land? For many people, it’s a great option – whether for a place to build a brand-new custom home or for a vacation get-away place or just to have your own place to play outdoors. Buying land is much different from buying a home, and that’s why so many … Continued

How to Buy Land in New Jersey for Your New Home

For many people, buying an existing home just won’t work. Maybe they don’t want to deal with a competitive seller’s market, or they just want a brand-new custom home. Whatever the reason, many people would rather buy land and build on it. What they often aren’t prepared for are the special challenges that come with … Continued

Buying a Home in New Jersey? Here’s Where to Start

Buying a home can be more than a little challenging. In fact, the process can be downright confusing and overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. The chief source of home-buying anxiety is a result of knowing that it is the largest financial transaction of your life – you don’t want to make an enormously expensive blunder. … Continued

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Neighborhood in New Jersey

When you buy a home, that’s not all you’re doing. You are also buying into a neighborhood. And, unfortunately, many homebuyers wind up with a home they love, but in a neighborhood, they don’t really like – which is definitely not a good combination when they intend to live in that home for many years … Continued

5 Tiny Details to Look for When Buying a House in New Jersey

Most of us know that when buying a house, we need to take a close look at the major things like roof condition, plumbing and electrical systems, windows and doors that work properly, and so on. But there are many smaller things potential home buyers need to be on the lookout for – small things … Continued